What will happen with my case?

Priority #1 is getting my client released from Custody and preserving their right to drive while the case is pending

My first concern is making sure my client is released from custody.  Some motorists are released with a simple Appearance Ticket but others are brought immediately to a Judge who might remand the person or require them to post bail.  Effective representation at this early stage can get my client back home and back to their job.

When a motorist is brought to Court, the Judge is required to suspend their license if certain proof is provided about the arrest.  This step is critical because it means that a person who is "presumed innocent" still has their license taken away.  I know the law about when a license should be suspended and when it shouldn't and I also know how to attack and prevent such suspension AND how to keep you on the road even if the Judge suspends your license.  The earlier I am involved, the better.